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Remote Video Based One-On-One Bespoke Budget Coaching

I offer a variety of services to meet your unique goals.  If something you need is not listed, please reach out to discuss your situation.  In many cases I can customize my coaching sessions to your needs. 

Services and Pricing

The Light Pack

If you’re new to coaching, this is a great option to explore at a discounted rate.

What’s included:

Four (4) one-hour coaching sessions, use in any combination

Email support for quick questions in between sessions


Price: $400

The Rescue Mission

If you need an quick assist on the mountain, this is for you.

What’s included:

Hourly coaching sessions, one hour minimum – billed in 15 minute increments after first hour.


Price: $125 per hour

The Hiker Club

It’s dangerous to go alone.  This membership package offers ongoing coaching at a discounted rate.

What’s included:

Four (4) one-hour coaching sessions

Email support for quick questions in between sessions




Price: $450

The Budgeteer

Conquer your peaks.  This three-month hands-on coaching will get your budget into shape.

What’s included:

Twelve (12) one-hour coaching sessions spread over three months

Four (4) one-hour filler sessions when extra help is needed

Daily text or email check-in for accountability

Email support for quick questions in between sessions


Price: $1,400

Things You Should Know

Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, I have answers.  Browse the FAQ, and reach out if you have additional questions.  I typically respond within 24 hours.

In our modern way of life where we must juggle many different priorities, we often don’t take the time to learn or practice certain life skills.  When athletes want to accelerate their pace of improvement, they seek out a coach.  The coach typically is a veteran of the sport and has the outside perspective to guide the athlete onto the correct path.  Budgeting is no different.  A budget coach is someone on the outside, detached from your daily life that has the ability to see areas of improvement that you may be blind to.  They have experienced the pitfalls and payoffs of budgeting and can guide you on your budgeting journey.

I customize my coaching to match the needs of each client, but in general, it works like this:

  • After you reach out initially, I will send you a questionnaire to learn more about your current situation.  There are many different reasons why someone might be looking for a budget coach.
  • If you scheduled a free consultation, I will review some information with you about the budgeting method I teach along with the software (YNAB) and general philosophy.  In the consultation session, I will go over the different types of things I can help you with, based on your questionnaire responses.  Based on your needs, I will recommend one of my various services or create something customized for you.  I will only recommend to continue if I believe I can help you reach your goals.
  • You sleep on it and decide whether or not you want to work with me.
  • If you do decide to move forward with more coaching sessions, we will discuss which service might be the best fit for you, whether that’s a discounted package deal, or ad-hoc sessions.
  • Once we schedule our first session, I will give you a list of things to prepare beforehand.  This will help maximize our one-on-one time for important things like evaluating goals and setting up processes.
  • Depending on your needs, we may go over your existing budget, create a new budget, review your finances, plan and set goals, or go into advanced features of YNAB.  The sky is the limit!
  • We will evaluate your progress at the end of each session and set goals for follow-up sessions, if needed and desired.
  • While I make every effort to meet your needs, it may become apparent that I am unable to further assist you, whether that’s because you’re already a pro, or maybe we’re just not the perfect fit.  That’s ok!  At that point, I can refer you to other resources if desired, whether that is another coach in my network or other online resources.

A big part of successful budgeting is building good habits.  The level of coaching required depends on your pace of building new habits, learning new methods, and how quickly you reach your personal goals.  In the first session, we will go over the different types of habits that you will want to form and design a plan to help you form them.  I will coach you for as long as needed as long as we are making progress during each session.

YNAB is a budgeting method and amazing software product created by You Need A Budget LLC.  I generally prefer to teach people how to use the YNAB software and follow the YNAB method.  The method is based on the concept of “zero-based budgeting” which means that for every dollar you have, you assign it to a specific purpose.  There is a separate cost associated with using the YNAB software, but don’t worry – we will budget for that!  YNAB includes a free trial, so for initial budgeting sessions if you do not already use YNAB, you can try it out for free.  Find out more on the YNAB website.

While it is not a requirement to use YNAB for my budget coaching, I truly believe that the ease-of-use of the YNAB software, along with their well-thought-out methodology, increases your chances of reaching your goals and budgeting successfully.

I encourage my clients to be fully open about their goals and needs.  I also have a lot of experience in eliciting information from individuals from my career in Information Technology.  I am confident that I can understand your needs and provide a service that will meet or exceed your needs.  With that said, it is always possible that your expectations of what you will get from coaching might not be fulfilled.  In such a case, I encourage you to let me know as soon as possible if you feel you are not getting good value from your sessions.  Refunds for services already rendered (time spent) will generally not be provided.  If you purchased a “package” service at a discounted rate and decide to cancel, I may grant prorated refunds on a case-by-case basis.  I would encourage you to read the service agreement on the Privacy Policy and Service Contract page.

Budget Coaching Benefits

Debt Paydown Plan

If you have existing debt such has credit cards or personal loans, I can help you build a plan to pay that off while keeping up with day-to-day expenses.

Personal Goal Planning

I can help you identify what is important to you, review past spending patterns, and come up with a plan to achieve your personal financial goals.

Confidence Building

Through following a plan and keeping you on track, I will help you build confidence in your personal finances and you will learn to trust your budget.

Avoid New Debt

With a solid budgeting plan, we will work together to avoid adding new debt which will snowball into your ability to achieve your goals more quickly.

Build a Safety Net

Nearly half of all Americans can't handle a $500 unexpected bill. We will work together to ensure that you are not a part of this statistic.

Network of Coaches

If you don't find success with my services, I belong to a network of certified coaches and would be glad to put you in touch with another coach that can better assist you.